The Atelier offers a range of services in the field of audiovisual, sound design and new media related production that would help you in your project design. Feel free to reach us to receive an estimate for your project. 

Audio-visual Production

Music Video, Shortfilms, Sound Design, Synchro

The studio can take care of video production from low-budget projects to professional design, using synthesis of 3D generative & computer based content in additional to usual post-production requirements. 

Professional Editing

Using the latest technologies

We use the best hi-end equipments for visuals design (Nvidia gpu), sound production (Nuendo, Ableton), and moreover custom programs developed during years of creation  that you won't find elsewhere. 


Artistic sens matters

For the creation of audio & visual works, the interaction between sound and image essential. We made this relation at the core of our expertise, taking in consideration aesthetic and dynamic of each medium in a balanced approach.


Based in Paris, 15th arrondissement, we work from the Atelier (with an epic view on the Eiffel Tower), that offers practical ability, from welcoming meetings, to production work itself, covering the design of several mediums with the necessary professional tools. 

We are a human-sized creative studio working with passion and unique DIY skills

Professional Audio & video Equipment

The studio offers different services in the field of sound and visual design, from low budget projects design to high-end professional requirements

10 Years of Experience

In more than 10 years, Eric Raynaud has acquired a diverse experience in the field of Art direction and digital production, that benefits to the expertise of the studio.

Multidisciplinary approach

Covering a wide range of skills,  the Atelier also collaborates with the most talented artists in the world in the field of generative, digital and immersive art.