Ritual for a dying planet is an audiovisual performance.

The piece embodies a dynamic fusion of ecstatic noise with glitchy, organic visuals, meticulously crafted to blur the boundaries between auditory and visual realms in a deeply immersive experience. It is designed to foster a dynamic interaction between sound and sight, immersing the audience in a world ripe for profound experiences


Reflecting on ritual ancestral celebrations that bridge the gap between physical and mental experience, the piece is an invitation to an ecstatic experience, which seeks to produce radical jolts through the synesthetics intensity between sound and image.

The piece, although devoid of ideological proselytizing, is nevertheless positioned in a radical registry, seeking to stir the emotions in the face of systemic risks and ambient passivity, and calls in particular deliberately provocative, since nothing changes while everything burns, to celebrate by a collective ritual the incandescence and end of the light.

If the system can’t be changed by politics, could it be by radical feelings and emotions?

Aesthetically, as a praise to the distortion of visual and sound matter, the 25mn performance unfolds along a fusional exchange between these two mediums inviting the audience to let itself be bewitched and why not reach a new mental state.

Created live, the performance relies on real time generative visual content, and a noisy and spectral sound direction, which together build a contemporary and digital ritual.

The piece was originally commissioned for the Lunch Meat Festival 2021 and has been continuously developed as it is showcased at various events.

In January 2024, it was presented at Hexagone Scene Nationale Arts & science :

In March 2024 it was featured during European Media Art Platform (EMPA) meeting in Cyprus, organized by Neme.org