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After Entropia, the emblematic performance which has traveled the world, the duo Fraction & Starnault return with Ethereal, an immersive installation in which they deepen their unique craft for staging on mixed realities .

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Conceived as a journey into the heart of an artistic matter metamorphosis, in osmosis between tangible and virtual, this new work invites the public to a transcendental experience on the borders of digital surrealism. With their particular approach, the artists once again play on a variety of artistic materials to build an immersive format that challenges the paradigm of immersion.

In Ethereal, Fraction & Starnault bring to life the story of a perpetual transformation on multiple scales and dimensions, echoing the inconceivable moments staged in our own dreams, abandoning our minds to the limit of reason, flirting with the absurd and the magnificent and sometimes nourishing a « ethereal » feeling, which haunts us even after waking up.

We humans are aware of the existence of several sensory realities and these inevitably inspire and influence the destiny of our societies, as well as our indelible architectural legacy on the terrestrial and soon spatial landscape. This duality of perception, often explored in the language of immersion, takes on a poetic dimension in Ethereal which is developed through the use of a physical light device, ambisonic spatialization and generative visuals.

With a unique aesthetic and its own writing dynamic, the duo invites the public to live an almost psychedelic experience, to let themselves be carried along a continuum which will take them through a narrow passage towards the promise of an immersive sublimation.