xp-for-live (xp4l) is a fully integrated solution designed to expand with simplicity Ableton Live potential toward the field of spatial sound performance.

The goal of xp4l is to provide Ableton users with a flexible and simplified environment to create true 3d audio projects.

It is made of a free m4l (max-for-live) suit consisting of 5 devices and a standalone application that users have to purchase. We used to call familiarly this package « xP »

xP should not be understood as a suite of different m4l devices, but as a set of tools that work together.

Given the challenge of developing such features in Ableton Live, it was nonetheless important to remain as much as possible in the spirit of what makes its workflow unique, a subtil balance in the direction of artistic creativity and live spontaneity.

All info are available on xp4l own website : www.xp4l.com