XP represents a seamlessly integrated solution aimed at unlocking the full potential of spatial audio design and performance within Ableton Live. Its primary objective is to provide Ableton users with a user-friendly and versatile environment for creating captivating 3D audio projects.

Consisting of five Max for Live devices and a standalone application available for purchase, XP offers a comprehensive toolkit for spatial audio production.

Throughout the development process, a key consideration was to preserve the unique workflow characteristics that define Ableton Live. This delicate balance between artistic creativity and live spontaneity was carefully maintained, ensuring that XP seamlessly integrates into the existing Ableton ecosystem.

Central to XP’s functionality is the utilization of Ircam Spat~, a renowned library of Max/MSP objects designed for real-time spatial processing of audio. This library boasts exceptional capabilities for simulating virtual acoustic spaces, providing users with an unparalleled set of tools.

Consequently, XP caters to both existing and potential users of the Spat library. While it was technically possible to access the library in Ableton Live prior to XP’s existence, the process was complex and limited the majority of creators from fully harnessing the immense potential of this remarkable tool. XP simplifies and streamlines the integration of the Spat library into Ableton Live’s Max for Live environment, granting users the flexibility they need to leverage this incredible toolset.

All info are available on xp4l own website : www.xp4l.com

picture by M. Patissier