In 2023, I had the honor of speaking at an event hosted by 36° and the Planetarium at the Cité des Sciences. My presentation focused on the technical and creative challenges associated with designing and constructing full dome environments. During this session, I explored the latest advancements in dome technology and shared insights on the future possibilities for immersive digital experiences. This opportunity allowed me to engage with other experts in the field and contribute to the evolving conversation on how these spaces can enhance educational and entertainment experiences for audiences worldwide.

In 2024, a piece I collaborated on with Julius Horsthuis was featured and screened as part of a curated selection of immersive short films. This event showcased pioneering work in the realm of virtual reality and digital art, highlighting how technology and creativity merge to form captivating visual narratives. Our joint project was celebrated for its innovative use of fractal environments and immersive sound to create deeply engaging experiences. The inclusion in this prestigious selection not only honored our creative partnership but also positioned our work alongside some of the most cutting-edge developments in immersive cinema.