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My work is mainly interested in the design of immersive and audiovisual experiences. But not only.

I use a wide range of materials and tools, often created from custom computer codes to shape  generative content based environnements, and cutting-edge spatial sound experiences.

I do live performance of visual & sound, spend research time in the field of immersive and performing art aesthetics, make art installation, and collaborate with a wide range of talented people from around the world.

I compose and release music, print and sell my own piece of visuals, and give workshop on immersive experience.

My works have been featured worldwide in the major digital and sound art related cultural events.

I enjoy all kind of ~noise~ related art in general.

Work with Me

Are you passionate about blending art and technology?

If you're interested in collaborative projects that fuse multiple disciplines, or if you're curious about creating generative digital art, immersive 3D soundscapes, or other immersive content, I'd love to hear from you.

Get in touch using the link below. Let's explore what we can create together!